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Attentions of Deeri industrial spray equipment


Deeri industrial spray equipment/spray humidifying equipment is suitable for industrial humidification spray cooling, space, environment purification dust removal, environmental protectionmaking artificial fog, deodorant, disinfection epidemic prevention,etc.


Using attentions

1, All pipes in the system cannot be choosen ordinary steel because that would be easy to rust, we use high pressure seamless copper tube, stainless steel pipe to avoid rusting the nozzle.
2, Can be directly connected to the water pipe, but must add a super filter to avoid the solid particles in the nozzle.
3, If the machine use in the cold region, should be paid attention to use anti-freezing solution, when the host install outdoor, waterproof solution must be taken.After using, cut off the water, and work for 5 seconds, drain all to prevent freezing the high-pressure pump
4, It is strictly prohibited to run the pump with waterless state.
5, The installation of nozzle height, we recommend that at least 3 meters away from the ground, at least 0.5 meters away from the house roof.First it’s for increasing the ultrafine mist particles evaporation distance, second it’s to avoid producing water droplets when they meet the obstacle.
6, The best installation of nozzle height angle should be horizontal tilt up 5 ∽ 15 °.
7, Connecting nozzle line for every 100 mm should have 300mm drop, have a fixed point every 2 meters ;Avoid connection pipe uses for too long, will be bending, cause the residual water stay in the pipeline and sediment, block the nozzles.
8, Please release the pressure regulating valve to no pressure state before starting,turn slowly to adjust the valve, check the pressure showed at pressure gauge.
9, The high-pressure pump should add lubricating oil to the crankcase before running the first time,just to the middle of the two horizontal lines of level ruler will be fine.Attetion:must not fill fully! High-pressure pump work 50 hours need to replace lubricating oil after starting,every 300 hours later on.Lubricating oil should use No.40 or No.60.





High pressure system



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