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The importance of using ultrasonic humidification system in tobacco industry


 Tobacco leaf is high hygroscopicity material – that means it is affected by nearby air moisture changes, if ambient relative humidity is low, the air will absorb moisture from the tobacco leaves, make them dry and of course affect the quality.In accordance with the standards of the tobacco industry, the moisture content 16% - 18% when the tobacco leaves in alcoholize storage, the production of unpacking, selecting into the leaf line after alcoholize.In those processes the leaves, caused by the handling, classification and other operations will make the moisture loss and easily broken.

Not only reduce the quality of tobacco leaves, resulting in economic losses, but also increase the amount of dust in the workshop, built into a bad production environment affects the workers breathe and smell.Dust is not just problem of cleaning also is a lot of the microbial loading places.Irritating smoke, dust, carbon dioxide and other microorganisms can cause and aggravate chronic bronchitis, inflammation, pneumonia, affecting the health of workers.





Spray humidification and cooling principle:

Deeri ultrasonic spray humidifier/spray humidifying device uses electronic overclocking oscillation, (1.7 MHz) frequency, through the atomization of high frequency resonance, blasted into natural micro mist, does not require heating or chemicals to produce 1-5 microns of water particles and floating in the air, so it can improve the relative humidity, micro mist quickly spread after taking the heat away to cooling around.


High relative humidity (above 50%) can make the dust sinks.Because the surface of the dust in the air with a positive charge, the atomization of water particles with negative charge, so when they contact will make swelling between smoke and dust, accelerate the dust precipitation.

It can effectively remove nicotine, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and bacteria and other harmful substances, and the smell of paint, mildew,smoke and all, make the air more pure and fresh. At the atomization process release a large number of negative ion, a high concentration of negative ions can effectively improve the human body oxygen and carbon dioxide outgoing, increase the nutrition of brain cell, maintain good state of mind.In higher relative humidity can also reduce tobacco crushing losses, greatly improve the economic benefit.



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