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The principle of Deeri artificial fog system


At a relatively low consumption and cost can make out light,dry spraying system.This system includes water filters, electromagnetic valves, high-pressure pumps, pipelines, atomizing nozzle and control device.

The atomized water go into the water filter, filter the impurity and suspended matters, after controlling, be pressurized into high pressure in liquid pressure device, sent to the atomization nozzle, with no help of the airflow and material directly become dry mist less than 5 microns in diameter, the evaporating is large, when it expose to the dry air, evaporate instantly, and bring a lot of heat during this process.


In the fog surrounded area is equivalent to creating a humidity place, and in the temperature of this place can drop down to 8 degrees.Due to the droplet diameter is very small, can be  carried by the air for long time, when they meet the dust droplets will adhere them and fall to the ground when the gravity is bigger than the dust weight to achieve the dedusting and purification.


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