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Using spray fan would be rheumatism?

The work efficiency is very low when the employees working under such high temperature, they always expect a waves of cool and refreshing.The arrival of the Deeri spray fan which improved by the traditional industrial fan completely changed this situation.


Misting fanS are suitable for all kind of the places of sunstroke prevention and bring down the temperature, this fan takes the centrifugal secondary atomized spray with the latest technology, water under the action of the rotating disc and spray fog particles dispersion device become minuteness mist, mist ion in the process of releasing absorb the air temperature quickly and with air purification





Using spray fan would be rheumatism?


In fact, this is no need to worry about, we considered this problem in researching and development period, after a large number of experiments,it proved that the spray fan will not lead to rheumatism.When the humidity is more than 95%, the body feels very hot, the body sweat, our skin will feel moisture, difficult to breathe, also will become annoyed at the same time,.Of course, too low humidity also is bad, too dry the environment easy to make the skin peeling.The most suitable humidity is 45% ~ 65% of human living.



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