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Fantawild and us have a long term relationship

In 2012, we provided 20 rainproof mist fans to Fantawild in succession, also received the praising from visitors and the company, cooling effect is very obvious,the temperature can drop down to 6 ~ 8 degrees. By the way,this is rainproof motor , also equipped with water protection device, anticreep switch, belong to a high configuration in all spraying fans.

Waterproof and rainproof mist fan

The weather just began to hot this year, the Fantawild group contacted our sales department, asked us to prepare some sets of rainproof type spray fans, for Chongqing City and Zhuzhou City Fantawild Happy World, the two hottest places, if response are good about dropping temperature down, then this model of spraying fan will be uesd in the Fantawild of Qingdao, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Shantou, Taian and more other places, and will be a long-term cooperation relationship with us.




Spray fans can use in various places for cooling, using the latest centrifugal secondary atomization cooling technology, make the water under the action of rotating disc and spray particles machine into micro mist, mist ion in the process of releasing absorb the air temperature quickly and with air purification.


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