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Nice cooperation of Guangzhou airport

Guangzhou baiyun international airport,in the east of the bus station,our spray cooling system has been completed before August, we received consistent high praise from leaders and guests, laid a stable foundation for our company and Guangzhou baiyun airport a further cooperation.

Cooperation of GZ Airport


Deeri spray machinery co., LTD,Guangzhou,China is engaged in the spray equipment engineering for over 10 years, our company from design, development, production, sales, installation, service as one line service,we have been committed to the automatic spray system technology and engineering comprehensive solution, especially we use professional spectrum analyzer for spray particle, not only detection, monitoring products working state, also the performance from the structure, the improvement of technology and measures, according to different spray products use different spray index.

Cooperation with GZ Airport

We always focus on spray technology, with scientific and humanized management team, great technical, advanced modern technology in the world, service system in place, has advantage of our own products and well-known trademarks.We have been always to provide quality products, fast and convenient services.


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