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  • 3L Industrial ultrasonic humidifier

  • Column:Ultrasonic humidifier
  • Model:DRCSN3L
Humidification quantity: 3 kg/h,

Power: 300 w (220 v),

Outlet of the mist: 110 mm (1 piece of PVC tube exit),

The machine size: 600 * 330 * 330 mm (including castor), weight: 24 kg,

Acreage: 30 to 50 square meters high (3 meters high).



Conditions of using:

Normal working condition environment temperature: 0 to 40°C.

Clean neutral tap water.


Deeri ultrasonic Industrial humidifier/spray humidifying equipment uses integrated ultrasound mechanical movement, spray chip life up to 5000 hours, the chip is replaceable, maintenance is simple and convenient.

Ultrasonic industrial humidification equipment has the humidifying particles extremely subtle, mist particles only 1-5 microns in diameter, automatic control, real-time display the current environment humidity.

Ultrasonic humidifier industrial equipment is equipped with high-performance automatic water solenoid valve, overfall gap and water exit.Convenient, safe and reliable to use.

Ultrasonic humidifying equipment with water protection device, can effectively guarantee the atomization movement and stop working when water level is too low,also can control the water be fill in,without other equipments,saving a lot of cost.

Ultrasonic industrial humidification equipment humidifying equably, the maximum relative humidity can be as high as 99%, quite big strength.

the mist particles is small and eveness, can rapidly meet the requirements of relative humidity.

Spray humidification equipment with high efficiency rate above 95%, flexible control, convenient, humidity automatic control, after years of trial and error and the actual detection, now is compact structure, reasonable collocation, no noise, great liquid atomization effect.

Ultrasonic industrial humidifier with humidity digital automatic control, control system equipped with imported humidity sensor, high control precision, fast reaction, after setting can work continuously, without labour working.


Models: DRCSB3L,

Humidification quantity: 3 kg/h,

Power: 300 w (220 v),

Exit of mist: 110 mm (PVC tube exit 1),

The machine size: 600 * 330 * 330 mm (including castor),

Weight: 24 kg,

Acreage: 30 to 50 square meters high (3 meters high).





Brand name:Deeri

Colour: As the pictures

Material: Stainless steel

Package:Carton box


Payment terms: Negotiable

Place of origin:Guangzhou,China.



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