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Spray humidifying fan can be cooling and dedusting in the stone factories

The dust is more in stone material processing factory, in such a working environment, workers are easy to have occupational disease.


 In recently, the state of occupational disease prevention is taking this more seriously, how to do well the occupational-disease-prevention is the first to solve in the factory.At present, many stone factories only have simple ventilation equipment,and just provide dust mask to prevent disease for the workers, but these are temporary solution.


Because of this, in the premise of not to affect the production, install suitable spray humidifying fans for cooling, humidification, dedusting in grinding workshops is very necessary.
 Spraying fan      Spray fan for the factory

Spray humidifying fan,cold fog fan and BRT fan are suitable for many kinds of cooling protection from heat ,they take the advanced centrifugal secondary atomizationunder the action of centrifugal force rotating disc and spray particles equipment,make the mist drop and bring the temperature down,purify the air.


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